Happi Feet Nursery

“Each child is valued as a unique individual and we work to meet the individual needs of all the children at our nursery.”


The decision to choose a nursery is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, whether you’re planning ahead or perhaps changing nurseries.

Our goal at Happi Feet Nursery is to make sure that all children who attend our nursery can attain their dreams and ambitions as a result of our support, guidance, and encouragement.

As you begin your child’s educational journey, we believe Happi Feet can provide the best starting point.

Having a child can be an exciting and yet challenging time for every parent, so we aim to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for you and your family.

“Staff monitor children’s development well and share information with parents to help inform the next steps needed in children’s learning. Parents say that they feel their children are happy and well cared for and know what their children have been doing each day.” – (Happi Feet Nursery – Belvedere, Ofsted inspection 2021)

“Partnership with parents is effective. Staff regularly discuss the progress children make over time with parents. They say they notice an increase in children’s vocabulary and the progress their children make is ‘brilliant’.” – (Happi Feet Nursery – Colyers lane, Ofsted Inspection 2022)

Hopefully, this website will provide you with as much useful information as possible to ease your child into our Nursery.

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