Happi Feet Nursery

“Each child is valued as a unique individual and we work to meet the individual needs of all the children at our nursery.”

The Belvedere Branch


Our setting is homely, warm and friendly and aims to provide quality, affordable early childhood learning and care to children aged 3 months to 5 years, to give them the best possible start in life.


Here at Happi Feet, We have 5 large and well equipped, child friendly rooms that encourage your child to flourish and reach their full potential through play. Early development is fundamental to the growth of any child. As such, Happi Feet is setup to encourage developmental growth in a loving and secure environment.


The Nursery boasts an amazing garden. Our garden allows us to encourage safe outdoor play and exploring. We allow our children the opportunity to create happy childhood memories. We don’t just create memories at Happi Feet, we make them great. With our safe environment and loving attitude, we have partitioned our garden such that your child will be in the company of their mates whilst being able to safely interact with children of other age groups.

Forest School

Our forest school, nestled amidst nature, offers an innovative blend of education and outdoor exploration. Here, children learn through interaction with the environment, enhancing their understanding of nature and developing practical skills like shelter building and identifying plants.


The school also fosters important social and emotional growth. Through team tasks and individual challenges, children build communication skills, resilience, and problem-solving capabilities. The peaceful outdoor setting also aids relaxation and mindfulness, promoting mental well-being.


A key element of our program is promoting sustainability, teaching respect for nature and fostering environmentally conscious
behaviours. Our educators adapt the curriculum to individual learning styles, using experiential learning and play-based approaches to engage and inspire.

Lastly, safety is paramount. Our staff are trained in outdoor first aid and risk assessment, ensuring a balance between exploration and safety. Our forest school is a holistic, enriching approach to education that fosters a love for learning and nurtures a meaningful connection with nature.


Our onsite chef is food safety and hygiene qualified and is dedicated to preparing healthy meals and snacks to keep ensure a balance growth and development. We provide wipes and nappies for our children until they reach the age of three.

There is ample parking facilities and a designated buggy shed to allow for easy and convenient drop-off and  pick-ups.


Our lovely and well experienced Manager is excited to welcome you and your family to our Nursery. Book your personal tour today and come see everything our beautiful nursery has to offer and let us answer any questions you may have.

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